Waffle: Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be maintenance on the camera if it’s left outside?

The iCast itself is detachable from the shelf. Only the shelf will be fixed to the sight screen. The shelf will remain there 24/7/365. You will simply detach the iCast after play, take it inside, charge it and protect it from theft/the elements that way. The shelf is fixable to the sight screen using permanent stickers, you will use a spirit level to make sure the shelf is level, and then it will fix to the sight screen permanently.

Can we add sponsors logos to the stream?

Yes, you can add your sponsor’s logo in the preview of the stream, which will then make sure their logo can be seen throughout the entire stream.

Can we add the score to the stream?

Yes, at any point throughout the stream you can type the score and it will be shown on the stream. There is no restriction to the format, so you could put “112/3” or “Smith on 49*” and it will show.

How do we ensure the angle of the sight screen is right to capture the footage?

When you “dock” the iCast into the shelf, the iCast will be able to twist 360°. Before going live using the app, you will be able to see what the iCast is pointing at, and twist until the angle is correct.

Can we have multiple angles?

Certainly. If you buy two iCasts (both would come with a shelf) then you can connect the two iCasts to the control app, place each iCast at each end, and then through the app you will be able to manually switch from iCast 1 to iCast 2, so that you’re always behind the bowler.

What are the benefits of live streaming to clubs?

Clubs who have used the service so far have seen numbers of viewers of their streams in excess of 1000. They have also seen a rise in the number of people “liking” their Facebook page as a result. But the biggest benefit that the clubs who use Waffle have seen, is the engagement in the footage from players. Those that have played the game, those who played in other club teams that day, and old players who are checking back in to see how the team are doing.

Is there any capability to do instant replays during the stream?

Sadly not at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap for development at some point. Watch this space!

Can I get highlights created from the footage captured on the live stream?

Yes, this is possible. Waffle can create a short highlights package for you for £20.. Our most recent of these reached almost 3,000 views for the club within 7 days.

Can more than one phone control the stream at one time?

No, the app on the smartphone you start the stream with will be the only one that can control the iCast(s) whilst it is live. However, you can alternate the smartphone you use between different streams (for example you don’t need to use the same phone every single Saturday). There will be a restriction on the amount of live streams that can be live from any one Facebook account. So if the 1sts are at home, and the 3rds are at home, these will have to be streamed from different Facebook pages.

How do I download the footage? Where does it go?

The stream will definitely be posted to Facebook Live. The positives of this is that all your Facebook followers get a notification when the stream starts which increases viewership. Footage will be saved to your cricket club's Facebook videos, once the stream has finished and is downloadable from there. We are also looking to be able to post to a separate Waffle link. The positives of this is that the frames per second won’t be restricted, as it is through Facebook Live, so the quality will be enhanced.

What about GDPR and club safe guarding?

As mentioned on the call, if you filmed something inappropriate or against someone’s will on an iPhone, it wouldn’t be Apple’s fault. In the same way it is not our responsibility here at Waffle what or who you live stream. In the past, clubs using our products have just asked opposing club captain’s if they’re happy, and we’ve had no instances of anyone objecting.

Can I live stream practices, too?

Of course you can. Positioning the sight-screen behind bowlers in net practices is one way you can do this. We will also shortly have a tripod accessory which will enable you to attach your iCast to a tripod, for closer action during practices.

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