iCast Waiting List

Queue Jumping

The higher up the waiting list you get, the better the bonus prizes that you'll get. 

Below are all the actions you can take to Queue Jump Boost your club. 

Your club needs to be signed up to the waiting list before boosting!

We've made step 1 easy for you. Click below to start tweeting!

We've made step 2 easy for you too. Send your friend's clubs to this link!

You guessed it, Step 3 is easy to find! Pre-purchase your subs here...

Another easy link to get you boosted. The survey takes less than 3 mins!

Slightly more complicated, get your club to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. If your club doesn't use both, email us to let us know and you'll still get a boost for following us on the one you do have. 

Clips of every ball you bowled and every ball you faced delivered into your inbox during the week after your match? Why wouldn't you sign up? 

As we head closer to March, we will update more boosting actions here! Watch this space!

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