iCast Waiting List

Join the waiting list for our brand-spanking-new streaming product - the Waffle iCast, by signing up below.

From now until the 20th March we're running an exclusive competition giving UK cricket clubs the chance to win a FREE iCast and FREE highlights videos!


What's more, we'll give your club one month's FREE subscription, just for signing up!​


Head over to our iCast pages to find more information on the product and giveaway competition.

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Wait List Queue Jumping

During the summer you battle it out with your local clubs for league position, but in the winter all that disappears. Until now! 

Rekindle your competitive spirit in the off-season by rising up the Waffle Waiting List League Table!

There are plenty of ways to boost up the waiting list, and they've all been listed for you to make it all super easy. 


There are prizes involved...


The top 10 clubs

Get a FREE iCast worth £500 and 4 FREE highlights videos on top of their FREE month of subscription.


The next 10 clubs

Get a FREE iCast worth £500 on top of their FREE month of subscription.


The third ten clubs

Get £100 off their iCast on top of their FREE month of subscription.


Everyone else

Gets a FREE month of subscription


How do we find out if we have received the reward? 

As soon as you sign up you will receive information on how to start boosting your waiting list position. Then, every weekend from now until the competition closure (20th March 2020) you will receive an email informing you of your position in the list, how far you are off the next relevant reward tier, tips on how to boost your position further and iCast updates. 

On the 20th March 2020 at 8pm, we will announce the final standings. 

Changes throughout the competition:

Throughout the competition, we reserve the right to alter the prize tiers. This will only ever grow, allowing more clubs to fill the top reward tier and so on. We will inform all waiting list clubs of these changes over email, through our social media channels and through changes on the website. 

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