Your Personal Highlights

Your entire innings. Your entire spell. Individual video clips emailed to you in the week after the game. 


Share with friends.

Share with coaches.

Watch your best moments over and over again.

Build on what you do best.

Learn from your mistakes.

What do I get?

Video clips of everything you do on the cricket field with bat and ball in hand. 

Every single ball you bowl. Wickets. Wides. Wonder-balls. 

Every single ball you face with the bat. Boundaries. Blocks. Blunders. 

Get a first baller and don't bowl? This week you'll only get one video! 

Bat for 50 balls and bowl a tidy five-over spell? This week you'll get 80 videos! 

Week in, week out. For the whole 2020 season. 

When do I get it?

During the 7 days after your match has finished. 

How do I get it?

We will use a service called WeTransfer. It's easy to use. You'll get an email download invite into your inbox. 

The link will take you to where your videos are, and from there you can download them to your laptop or smartphone. 

What does my club need?

Your club needs to have at least one Waffle iCast set up and ready to go on the matches you're playing in. ​

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