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Hi there, we’re Waffle.


As three brothers who grew up spending the majority of our summers playing cricket at the local club, we’re well aware of the many highs and lows that the amateur form of the game can bring. From the impeccable fielding displays to the un-thinkable dismissals you’d never see in the professional game, it’s an absolute joy to watch and be a part of… and the world deserves to see it!


We looked into the live-streaming tech options available but were blown away by the costs. Even if our beloved little club could round up the money needed, it’d be better spent on doing up the clubhouse or fixing the leaky roof in the changing room. So we set out to come up with a solution.


To make live streaming more affordable for amateur clubs our first product, the Waffle SmartStream, used the cameras most of us already had in our pockets. By utilising smartphones, we eliminated the need for expensive cameras and were, therefore, able to provide live-streaming functionality to clubs, at a fraction of the normal price.


We launched our Waffle SmartStream in 2018, and amateur clubs loved it. You can re-watch some of the best recorded action on our highlights page


Following the success of the SmartStream, we challenged ourselves to create a more user-friendly and modernised product which overcame some of the small issues our customers wanted solving. Hence the birth of our iCast concept, which will be ready to roll out for the 2020 season! Read more on the iCast here


We’re a forward-thinking company and have some huge ideas on what can be achieved in this industry, all at prices affordable to amateur clubs. We’re working on some pretty exciting stuff behind the scenes. Watch this space!


Amateur Cricket and live-streaming… we believe it’s a match made in heaven, and Waffle makes it possible.

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