Pre-order now, and your iCast will be delivered in time for the start of the season.

The latest in Waffle Live Streaming products, ready for the 2020 season.


Connect your smartphone to the iCast through our app, the simplest set up and stream management we've ever provided. 


  • Zoom remotely, to ensure you always have the best focus on the action. 
  • Update the score remotely, so your viewers can stay in the know as they see it overlaid on the action. 
  • Start and stop the stream remotely, you're in control. 
  • Add badges of the teams playing
  • Add sponsor logos 


The ultimate in affordable live streaming from Waffle. 


PLEASE NOTE: Your iCast will come with one shelf, which will permanently attach to a sightscreen of your choice. If you would like to use your iCast at several different venues throughout the season, you will need to buy additional shelves. 

Additional Shelves
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